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Everything for young people

In 2023 the Rugby Heritage Cup will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the invention of rugby by William Webb Ellis, a school pupil. The organisers of this 1st world School Rugby tournament are aiming, above all, to provide the 700 young people from 24 schools around the world with an extraordinary experience focused on rugby, its history and its educational values. An event that offers us a tremendous opportunity to promote cultural exchanges, the discovery of our regional gastronomy, diversity, living together, environmental responsibility, and playing rugby-sevens in schools.

In this project, the Centre-Val de Loire Region is supporting us and helping us to pull together all the parties in this beautiful area.

Among the ambitions that we have for this tournament and its participants: 


Discovery: yourself, your peers, new cultures through the exchanges and activities on offer;

Respect for rules, for others, girls and boys, the planet; 

Joy of experiencing a one-of-a-kind event, together.

We would like all of these young people, girls and boys, to be at the very heart of the event, both as participants and as volunteer organisers.

The Rugby Heritage Cup Pontlevoy 2023® is also a myriad of activities and high-quality supervision so that everyone can make the most of an unforgettable  experience!”


Thierry Chenet, President of the Héritage Pontlevoy Association


The tournament in figures



In parallel with the tournament, the campus will be like a village with a festive atmosphere, vibrating to the rhythm of sharing and discovery.

First hint of the program…

– Games in the form of 100% fun and often collaborative challenges to showcase the talents of all children (agility, skill, ingenuity, strength…). Giant naval battle, rugby golf, etc. The opportunity to mix nationalities and have girls and boys play together.

– Awareness of difference, with the participation of a wheelchair rugby team at 13, bringing together players with disabilities and young able-bodied players who wish to feel the difference.

– On the cultural side, culinary workshops to learn how to make the most French of breads: the baguette.

– Highlight of the week: a visit to the Château de Chambord. The young people will all set off together to discover this French regional jewel, its architecture and its gardens.

– And many more surprises!




  • Medical assistance will be available throughout the week, in association with the nearest medical centre or hospital. 
  • This medical assistance will cover all activity zones (sports, accommodation, animations).
  • All matches will take place under the surveillance of a multi-disciplinary team (doctor, physiotherapist, nurse).
  • An awareness program centred around good nutrition for sport will be on offer. 



  • The organisation will be working with the French authorities to guarantee the safety of the site.
  • Throughout their stay the children will be under the authority of their educators.
  • Each school will be shown around individually by a pupil from Pontlevoy, representing the organisation.



  • In the park, a Zen Zone will be available for the children to enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • A dedicated room or Connected Zone will provide them with access to Wi-Fi and computers to stay in contact with their families.
  •  Discovery workshops will be organised on the theme of French gastronomy, with healthy local products.