The Tournament

Fun & joy

“One week before the kick-off of the 2023 Rugby World-Cup, something extraordinary will be happening in Pontlevoy: the 1st school rugby world tournament in history! In order to win the Rugby Heritage Cup Pontlevoy 2023®, the schools will also need to demonstrate their talents in the kitchen and behind a camera. The teams are going to need to use their muscles, their tastebuds, and their creativity. Everyone will be in with a chance because each discipline will carry the same weight in crowning the ultimate winners.

Volunteers, students, former student, teachers and partners will come together to propose a programme packed with sporting, entertainment and cultural events and full of surprises.


“One heart, one soul.”


True to our school’s motto, we will be opening our hearts to all those who are coming to join us with the desire to show them more about France and to discover in turn their cultures.

We will do everything to make sure that, during the event, our 700 hearts beat faster and stronger. Together, they will form one soul! 

This Rugby Heritage Cup is the first step of an adventure that we wish to hand it on to Australia in 2027…”

Cyprien Mérand, former student at Pontlevoy, co-organiser of the Rugby Heritage Cup

The Rugby Heritage Cup :

A learning how “to live together” !


The program




Rugby sevens
Pools A, C and E

Rugby short
Rugby chef
Teams 1&2
Pools B, D and F


Rugby sevens
Pools B, D and F

Rugby short
Rugby chef
Equipes 1&2
Poules A, C and E


Prestige Day
Chambord castle and rugby golf

Rugby short
Rugby chef
Teams 3&4
Pools A, C and E


¼ finals



Journée à la Française


Rugby short
Rugby chef
Equipes 3&4
Poules B, D and F


½ Finals



Departure for all delegations


The rules

This tournament is centred around cultural mix and diversity. It will bring together girls and boys of different origins and include both sporting and cultural activities enabling a dialogue between the students from 20 nations.

Because the Rugby Heritage Cup is an International event, the young people it unites will have very different fitness levels within the same category of age. That is why the rugby sevens competition will have, in parallel, both girls’ and boys’ teams. However, in the cultural competitions (Rugby short and Rugby chef) the teams must contain an equal number of girls and boys. 


Rugby sevens boys + Rugby sevens girls + Rugby Short+ Rugby Chef = RUGBY HERITAGE CUP


The champions will be the team that has the highest number of points at the end of all 3 competitions.


The Rugby SEVENS

As in any world competition worthy of the name, a mixed phase will be used to define the levels of all the girls’ teams and boys’ teams taking part in the rugby tournament. Then,

  • The top 8 will play for the Cup
  • The following 8 will play for the Plate
  • The 8 bottom-classed will play for Development

Each team will then play matches and the finals in their levels until they reach the trophy phases. Points for the girls and the boys tournament will be awarded for these rankings, which will then be added to the points won in the other two disciplines (Rugby chef and Rugby short).


The rugby Short

In this competition, the delegations will confront one another in images. 

Each will appoint a captain. The team will be made up of 6 girls and 6 boys (equality) so that everyone can take part. On the day of the competition, the captain will randomly select one of the rugby values put forward by the organisation. And then, on your marks, in one day together the 12 of them will have to be creative and imaginative in order to illustrate that value in a personal and original way.  They will be provided with the materials and a studio. And the actors? They will be the members of the team !

Ultimately, they will need to make a video no more than 45 seconds long and will have 4 minutes that evening to promote it in front of the jury.


The Rugby Chef

Tempt tastebuds and wow the jury, that will be the objective of the cookery competition. Once again, each delegation will appoint a captain. The team will be made up of 12 boys and 12 girls so that everyone can take part. Their challenge: to prepare one dish for 30 people in 3 hours with the theme “my country, my culture”. They will have access to a kitchen with equipment and ingredients and they will have to present their achievements to the jury on a stand.

The taste of the dishes will, of course, be judged, but also inventiveness in terms of presentation and the decoration of the stand that will be dedicated to each team.

In summary, what is the key to winning ? Give the best of yourself to the collective. According to their talents and skills, each young person must do their very best on the pitch, in the kitchen and behind the camera, because they are strongest when they work together. And all of that in the spirit of fair play and happiness that is so intrinsic to playing rugby.

The Rugby Heritage Cup is looking for young all-rounders, those who dare to take initiatives that build confidence. Young people with their heads on their shoulders and a healthy body. Champions who will be able to address the many challenges of the world of tomorrow