Our partners

Thank you !

“In the same way as on the pitch, where the scrum is won thanks to the efforts of all 3 lines, the contribution of each and every one of our partners has been essential to ensure that this 1st rugby school world tournament 2023 takes place.

The support of France 2023 from day one as well as the support of the FFR (See note 1) convinced us to go ahead in this adventure and to look for sponsors. Private companies involved in education of young people answered our call and UNSS (See note 2) or UGSEL (See note 3) too, those educational institutions which work daily to develop the practice of sport at school   

Donations in cash, in kind, or in capabilities, it is thanks to you all that we can welcome to Pontlevoy, in the Loire valley, 700 young boys and girls from around the world for this pioneering event in the history of rugby for celebrating the educational values of this sport. 

A huge THANK YOU to those partners and donors who join and support us”


“Together we will be growing champions for tomorrow’s world.”


Thierry Chenet, President of the “Heritage Pontlevoy” association


1 French Federation of Rugby

2 Union national du sport scolaire

3 Fédération sportive et éducative de l’enseignement catholique 


A very involved part of France

François Bonneau, President of the Centre-Val de Loire region

“By hosting the 1st World Tournament of School Rugby, our territory demonstrates the strong link between education and sport. The Centre-Val de Loire is the region that best represents France. Crossed by the Loire, a river classified as a UNESCO heritage site, it is also that of the castles of the Renaissance, an extraordinary period for Europe and for the world. Land of history and nature, gastronomy and vineyards, our region truly embodies this magnificent France which wants to welcome all rugby enthusiasts for the 1st World Tournament of School Rugby in 2023. »


Philippe Gouet, President of the Loir-et-Cher county

“The county is proud to host the Rugby Heritage Cup which will take place at the Abbaye de Pontlevoy in September 2023. We will experience great rugby moments with our young people as well as with those from the 20 countries participating in the World Rugby Cup. A remarkable sporting event, of course supported by the department.

The Rugby Heritage Cup is resolutely Loir-et-Cher! »



Jean-Luc Brault, President of the Community of Municipalities of Val de Cher – Controis

“The 33 municipalities of the Val de Cher – Controis and their elected representatives provide their support, in particular financial, to the Rugby Heritage Cup. At the same time sporting, educational and cultural, this project is an opportunity to unite volunteers, women and men ready to engage alongside our youth and to initiate real dynamics which, I hope, will be sustainable.

In the end, our territory as a whole will be valued and will benefit from the attention of the media during the RHC. »



The rugby world with us

Inclusion and equal opportunity are major issues in our societies. True to its commitments, France 2023 pays particular attention to projects aimed at promoting cultural diversity and diversity. This is why our endowment fund “Rugby au Coeur” supports the RHC, in particular by taking charge of the trip of young Tongan girls and boys in Pontlevoy, whose country had been hard hit by a cyclone in 2020, in order to participate at the 1st World Tournament of School Rugby. A way to further prove that rugby is united and creates social ties for those who need it. »

Jacques Rivoal, President of “Rugby au Coeur”, the Endowment Fund for the Rugby World Cup France 2023


The Centre-Val de Loire League

The Centre-Val de Loire League organises all rugby – 5, 7, 15, women’s and men’s – except professional rugby. As part of the RWC France 2023, our region wants to promote the assets of its territory and the values ​​of rugby. Thus, the city of Tours will be the base camp of the prestigious Irish selection and the Rugby Heritage Cup Pontlevoy 2023 will be the flagship event, just before kick-off.

Team RHC can count on me and on the whole League to give scale to this event, to provide it with technical support and to develop projects with our clubs. Rugby allows women and men to become more united, courageous… But it all starts with children. »

Rodolphe Estève, president of the Centre-Val de Loire Rugby League



Companies too


A leading employment actor in France, Actual group is a family business that has grown through the encounters that it has made. Organised around 4 main  areas (temping, recruitment, support, training), we are working to provide access to work for everyone, helping people to find their place and make things happen.


“Committed to everything that deals with people and transmission, we welcome this educational, inclusive, benevolent project that is being proposed by the RHC. Our partnership makes even more sense because we are one of the sponsors of the Stade Toulousain. Values including bravery, commitment, responsibility, form our bridge. Helping young people to develop by giving them pointers so that they can find their places in society, now there’s a mission that we can relate to!” 


Samuel Tual, Chairman of the Actual group

A mutual bank, Crédit Agricole is useful to its territory and is associated with projects that develop it, which create social and intergenerational links and allow better living together.


“It also supports those who bring sport and its values to life, because the values you learn through sport are useful throughout life and allow you to be stronger.

This is why Crédit Agricole supports the RUGBY HERITAGE CUP.”

Véronique CADOUX-CORNU, Communications Officer


Axéréal is one of the leading French cereal co-operatives collecting from the Greater Centre region. Specializing in growing and processing cereals for the brewing, baking and livestock markets, Axéréal operates in France and internationally.


“We are partnering with this important event, which is taking place on the territory where we collect the produce of our 11 000 farmers who are all committed to agricultural and food transition, because we share those same values of cohesion, respect and proximity. What excites us in this project is transmitting to young people the skills associated with the production and processing of cereals, and in particular making them into the bread that is so symbolic of French gastronomy.”

 Jean-François Loiseau. Chairman of Axéréal

Andros, a French family business based in the Lot county, has been specializing for almost 65 years in the preparation of fruit juices and desserts. It also offers yoghurts and plant-based desserts. Appreciated for their tasty taste and nutritional qualities, its Andros and Bonne Maman brand products are consumed by more than one in two French households.


“Andros has been a passionate partner of rugby for several decades, locally around its factories with amateur rugby; at national level with the Top first ligue championship and as one of the sponsor of the professional clubs of Brive and Racing 92; and finally at international level as Official Supplier of the Rugby World Cup France 2023. Becoming a founding partner of the Rugby Heritage Cup is the obvious continuation of these commitments: an event bringing together young people from all over the world around the love of the oval ball and the sharing of cultures corresponds to our conception of sport and living together. This partnership is very positive for our brands. »

Maxime Gervoson, Managing Director Andros France and Export


Professional language, office automation, digital and management training body since 1986, Proformation operates on 3 continents. People are at the heart of our methodology: 100% tailored, 100% led by an expert trainer via web conference. 


Adult education. Youth education … A clear link between Proformation and the Rugby Heritage Cup. We share the same passions : the transmission of knowledge and the respect that brings teams together. Alongside its financial support, Proformation is providing people support and is using its experience to help the pupils at Pontlevoy professionalize their communication campaign.

These young people embody the world of tomorrow. We need to stand beside them!”

Yves Le Pomellec, Chairman

IDEC SPORT is the sports branch of the IDEC Group, a major player inindustrial real estate. It brings together under the same banner the Group’s commitments in individual and collective sport: sailing, motoring, football, basketball, but also rugby in the Top 14 first ligue with Aviron Bayonnais or USON de Nevers. Without forgetting Sport Xtrem with the support of Emma Clair Dumont, the 13th Frenchwoman to have climbed Everest, and disabled sport with Raphael Beaugilet who is preparing for the next Olympic Games.


“In Loir-et-Cher, on the historic lands of the IDEC Group, the Rugby Heritage Cup will be a highlight of the new school year. Sport has been part of the Group’s DNA since its creation. Beyond the commitment it requires in its practice, it also requires respecting the laws of the game, the rules of living and being together. As a source of cohesion, it erases differences and allows you to experience great moments with each other. We are very happy to support this international competition, to involve all of our employees and to be part of this great collective adventure for children, the foundation of our society of tomorrow.»

Fabrice Thomazeau, Communications Director of the IDEC Group