Crédit Agricole, a national bank in full support of the RHC

The Val de France -Touraine Poitou and Centre Ouest, regional branches sponsor the RHC.

– At Crédit Agricole, we support those who keep sport and its values alive.

More than a leisure activity, sport is one of the driving forces behind living together. Sport is also a learning avenue that allows each person to achieve, grow and progress in life. At Crédit Agricole, we believe that the values we learn through sport are useful throughout our lives and make us stronger.

– At Crédit Agricole, we stimulate the local economy and the projects that make our region shine.

Because we are a mutualistic bank, we are useful to our region. We are committed, alongside the decision-makers, to supporting projects that contribute to the animation and development of our territory. Various dimensions of the RHC motivated us beyond the values of sport: inclusion, intergenerational relationships, mobilisation of volunteers, discovery of other nations and their cultural specificities, etc.