“Jungle Cry”, to be seen now on Google Play, tells an extraordinary human and rugby story, inspired by real events…

The journey of 12 disadvantaged children from Odisha in India who participated in and won the international junior rugby tournament held in the United Kingdom in 2007.

The NGO “Jungle Crows”, sponsor of the Alshalayam, a school from Kolkota invited to the RHC, is at the origin of this epic. The Odisha team was coached by Paul Walsh, founder of the Jungle Crows, assisted by Roshan Xaxa, a former child of Ashalayam.

Among the main performers of the film, there are also two boys from Ashalayam, Rajdeep Saha and Subroto Bhuomick.

The girls and boys invited to Pontlevoy in September 2023 are the proud heirs of the heroes of this film.